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At Priority Learning I have gained critical insights and knowledge that I did not even realize I was lacking. The experience of understanding how we are fundamentally motivated and how each of us perceives and acts has been a remarkable awakening for me.
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Paul Andrews
Jotul North America

We are working our way through the participant discussions with managers on the Pro Lead exercise and I want you to know how much we all appreciate your support of our team. The Pro Lead tool has helped facilitate some conversations and will hopefully lead to setting of personal developmental goals for our managers. We realize this is just one of many ways you have supported the growth and development of JMG leadership.
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Neal Williamson
Hodgdon Yachts in Boothbay

  • Sandwich Leadership

    Sandwich Leadership

    You've probably heard of the sandwich generation, consisting of those who are responsible for the care of two generations at the same time. But what is a good leader to do in the middle of this generational sandwich?
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  • leadership coaching

    Business Coaching: A Blueprint for Success

    So often, the focus on the advantages of coaching centers on individual benefits but when coaching is part of a corporate strategy, there are just as many benefits.
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  • hope

    Hope Faith Belief and Support (The Spirit Side of Humans)

    Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you with devastating news? How did you recover? Here Normand Dubreuil's (President and Chief Executive of Maine State Credit Unions) battle with stage IV lung cancer.
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  • poll question

    Poll Question

    listening to different discussions about conflict, we've heard many people say they think it is due to personality differences How do you tend to deal with conflict in the workplace?
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  • leadership intangibles

    Leadership Intangibles

    What are those intangible qualities that make someone a great leader? There are no special tricks or technique and no gimmicks or lists, it's actually the simple stuff that makes the difference.
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    Priority Learning Podcast

    Episode #17 Bio The Way - Do you have a bio? No? Why not? Listen to our Priority Learning Article archive on why you should write a bio.

Organizational Development Consultants

Welcome to Priority Learning. We are organizational development consultants. We believe that engaging and developing people is the most important part of any business and single most meaningful investment you can make. Why limit your employees' potential to just doing a job when you could invite them to share in the organization's vision, making them so much more than an employee? Employees who feel connected to the people with whom they work and the purpose of the company feel a sense of belonging that is much deeper and more meaningful than just working for your company.

If this sounds like the kind of culture you envision for your business and your people, you have come to the right place. Give us a call and make today the first day of our journey...we are the What, the How and the Why of Organizational and Leadership Development!