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Our Transformative programs emphasize personalized approaches, participatory engagement, and authentic strategy for individual and organizatioal development. We work with people on their goals, challenges, skills and behaviors to maximize personal and business performance.

Priority Learning offers a dynamic series of development workshops for everyone in your organization. From mastering the basics of effective workplace management to developing strategic leadership skills, we provide the building blocks to improve personal performance and organizational success. Our series include more than 55 hours of professional development over several weeks, allowing for sustained and sequential growth. Each workshop day features a development theme, participatory activities, dynamic discussion and personal coaching.

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  • Darkness Will Not Stop Me (Part 2)

    Darkness Will Not Stop Me (Part 2)

  • Personal Best

    Personal Best

    Do you remember the last time you felt like you were at your ‘personal best’? There always seems to be room for improvement.

  • Darkness Will Not Stop Me

    Darkness Will Not Stop Me

    We can all feel the unrest, dissatisfaction and disassociation and it seems to be a topic everyone wants to talk about. There is however an unwritten moral to the story if we choose to write it.

  • The Law of Attraction

    The Law of Attraction

    Positive people seem to attract other positive people and create a kind of energy that others want to be around. Those with a more negative outlook seem to attract others who are looking to share complaints.

  • 2015…What a Year of Learning, Growing, and Resilience!

    2015…What a Year of Learning, Growing, and Resilience!

    This month seems like a good month to write about the last year, 2015. There surely have been some changes...

Priority Learning CARE initiative
CARE Initiative

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Having a personal support system (could be a team, a few people - friends/co-workers - to hold you accountable, a few coaches/mentors) has a powerful effect on our leadership abilities and skills. What is the best way to describe your support system?

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