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How in an instant, your life can change!

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It's not often that I feel like writing my thoughts down for others to read. The last time I wrote down my thoughts was when my dad was sick and he passed away. It makes sense that I'm writing again now that my mom is sick and, I know that at 87, her health and energy for life will not last long in her condition. It's weird to me that I write when something like this happens, and it strikes me that I should do it more often, and not just when there's deep emotional change going on. There seems to be a weight off my shoulders when I do.

Speaking of change, this incident with my mom happened so quickly after visiting her over the Christmas holidays and I am now faced with another parent passing through life. It amazes me how we can go from working one second, having fun with family and friends during the week and celebrating each day, to stopping everything to take care of a family member far away from home. It can be frustrating to have to leave family and friends with no visible timeline and the healthcare uncertainties, waiting until the situation improves on several issues before decisions can be made.

Going through the change process, I have to admit that I was angry at first when I learned that I had to stop everything and head back down to Florida. However, I knew that at 87 anything could happen to my mom, especially while living alone. I knew I had to be prepared to leave at a moment's notice.

Now, I can say that I'm accepting of what is happening and hoping for the best one way or the other. It's been a week and I am mindful of the fact that my mom is the priority for this time in her life and accepting this change will make me a stronger, wiser person as it did when my dad passed.

Going through any change as though it is a learning process is a good way for me to think or to be mindful of. By the time I saw my mom in her hospital bed a few days ago, I resolved to accept how life brought us together once again and I feel deeply for her as I see the pain in her eyes and the look of fear that the end is near. I am here to help my mom get through her life as peacefully and as dignified as possible. Thank goodness that I have plenty of support from my brother and his family. Change is life and life is change and I will embrace what needs to be done!

Thanks for reading!

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