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The 21st Annual Paddle for Pine Tree Camp

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The 21st annual Paddle for Pine Tree Camp will take place on Sat., June 3.  That morning, more than 250 people are expected to take to the Kennebec in support of Pine Tree Camp.  The Paddle for Pine Tree Camp is designed to be barrier-free – aligned with our mission and ensuring that our campers are able to fully participate.  Perfect for all ages, all skill levels and all abilities, the event starts at Evergreen Campground in Solon and ends with a celebratory barbecue in North Anson.  A shuttle is provided.  Our goal is to raise $68,000 to benefit Pine Tree Camp.  Full details can be found here:
As Pine Tree Society’s number one champions, we are asking for your help.  Here are some ideas:

Thank you all in advance for your support!  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you should have any questions.

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Pine Tree Camp

Pine Tree Society helps people in Maine with disabilities lead richer, more socially connected lives. Too often, people with disabilities feel left out, even isolated. With the help of Pine Tree Society, they're not alone. We share a spirit of innovation and desire to discover new ways to break down barriers that many find insurmountable. It started as a bold new idea in 1936 and it continues every day. For more information, please call (207) 443-3341 or visit our website,



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