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The 21st Annual Paddle for Pine Tree Camp
The 21st annual Paddle for Pine Tree Camp will take place on Sat., June 3.  That morning, more than 250 people are expected to take to the Kennebec in support of Pine Tree Camp.  The Paddle for Pine Tree Camp is designed to be barrier-free – aligned with our mission...
Play Has a Purpose
“A classroom provides routine and structure and is a place for a child to do work,” said Karen McClure-Richard, Director of the Early Learning Center in Auburn. “And that work is play.” The classroom is their learning space and they need to be able to explore and touch. “Everything in...
Discovering Skills for a Meaningful Career
“No offense, but I don’t need you anymore.”Those words were music to Lillian Scenna’s ears.Scenna exclaimed, “That’s the best thing you can say to me!”After just a few days, Kim had settled into her new job as Assistant Swim Instructor at the YMCA and was ready to go it alone.Lillian...
The Impact of Pine Tree Camp
Kelly Walker recalls how nervous she was when she drove down the hill to Pine Tree Camp to drop off her son, Chase, for the first time. Chase had never been away from home before so she was worried about leaving him for six days.The welcome at Pine Tree Camp...

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