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Leadership Coaching Series

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The Leadership Coaching Series is designed for professionals in a training role, a leadership or management role, or for anyone who needs great approaches to help others solve their own issues; learn, grow, and devel-op their career choices; and enhance workplace performance. This series consists of eight full day workshops over five months and will build the essential skills of effective business coaching.

Sessions 1 & 2: Coaching as a Way of Life & Feedback, Attitudes, and Approaches

  • Introduction and best practices of being a coach.
  • Learn three important coaching skills: acknowledging, validating, and open-ended questions.
  • Experience the cycles of a coaching conversation.
  • Use the DiSC process to determine how your communication skills impact others.
  • Know the difference between transactional and transformational coaching.
  • Explore coaching needs for all levels of employees in the workplace.

Sessions 3 & 4: Listening, Values, Clarifying, & Fitness

  • Experience the three levels of listening and the power it brings to coaching.
  • Learn the importance of clarifying your values and those of others.
  • Discover your EI (Emotional Intelligence) and examine the Six-Cap Coaching System.
  • Gain more skills to use in various coaching conversations.
  • Practice, practice, practice your coaching skills.

Sessions 5 & 6: Applying Neurolinguistics Programming & Coaching Difficult People

  • Explore NLP and apply the elements of Meta-Messages to your coaching style.
  • Learn to tell your story as a coaching technique.
  • Examine your conflict style and apply it when coaching others.
  • Identify your unique bridges and barriers to coaching, using your DiSC assessment.

Sessions 7 & 8: Coaching Tool of the Trade and Celebration

  • Learn the cycle of change and the breakthrough laser coaching.
  • Design your coaching model for the future.
  • Practice coaching and giving feedback.
  • Share your learning through a professional presentation.

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So much useful and eye-opening information in such a relatively short period of time!  The coaching series has proven to be an extremely worthwhile investment of my time and energy.  Not only will the skills that have been learned, developed, practiced, and enhanced over the past several weeks help make me a better leader and coach for my co-workers and team, but I have found that they are vitally important to helping me “coach” myself through some of the struggles that I face each day at work, as well as at home.

Dan Colby

Coaching has turned out to be something very different than what I had perceived.  My thoughts were that it was based on teaching and training skills for work, athletics and schooling.  Now I have come to realize that coaching is really about listening and interacting with others in a way that is sincere, patient and positive so that, no matter the person/personality, they feel respected and cared about.

Jacelyn Bohan

This series was eye opening! I found it amazing how I was learning how to be a better coach while at the same time learning how to be a better person. It has drastically improved the way I communicate with loved ones, interrupt my emotions, and share feedback with my clients. You learn so much about yourself in this process that it eventually becomes a self-coaching series. Walking out, you know what you need to work on and how to do it. I feel like a pro at finding my own solutions as well as helping my clients to do the same.

Kendra Wheeler

The Leadership Coaching Series has been both an invaluable reminder of core skills and a rich, comfortable learning environment for developing new skills.  Coaching requires a level of self-awareness and vulnerability, and the Coaching Series creates the safety and space that allows participants to reach those levels in an authentic way.  Jodi is a fabulous facilitator, honoring the participants’ experiences and fears while gently challenging and encouraging – all with good humor.  Lorraine and Ralph treat participants like family.  They take care of you and welcome you with open arms.  I would wholeheartedly recommend the Leadership Coaching Series to any supervisor!  

Mary Gagnon

What I enjoy most about the coaching series is how it really breaks down how we communicate and shows us that through developed listening skills and a motivation to help others succeed through their own process is really the most important part. This series showed me how to really look at someone’s communication style before attempting to problem solve.

Mike McKeen

This class has put me completely out of my comfort zone. And has made me question my ability to be an effective coach. But going through this series with the leadership I have had and the people I have shared this series with has shown me that I have the ability to learn the techniques of coaching and increase my ability to be a stronger leader. It has taught me the importance of being a good listener and taught me about my own behavior and the impact I have on others as well as the impact they have on me. I have also learned that these skills that will help me be a better leader and coach at work will spill over to my personal life and my personal relationships – to allow me to be a better partner at home.

Tricia Maheu

If you are really serious about being a good effective coach in your organization this course is for you. Jodi is passionate about coaching, and it shows in the way she teaches and interacts with her class. You will learn some tricks and tips of the trade, to make your sessions more collaborative and engaging. The other awesome part to this course is that you get to practice what you learn by coaching your peers in person and over the phone. This will allow you to receive feedback and to seek assistance on areas you need help with.

The material is pretty straight forward. Jodi does a good job of explaining the information and is open to additional discussion.

Priority Learning is a place that will help you grow professionally, by providing you with the tools needed to reach your goals. Ralph, Lorraine, Craig and Jodi are genuinely invested into the people they work with. You will feel welcomed and included into their professional family. I feel very fortunate that I have had the privilege to be a part of their team.


I have a coworker who has worked with me for 10+ years and I was looking for a development opportunity for her. Since we added 2 new members to our team, I wanted to equip her with the tools to help train and develop them. After doing much research online and speaking with my business coach Jodi Flynn, I found the Priority Learning class focusing on Coaching.

Their facility in South Portland is welcoming, dynamic, and professional. It gave her a great networking opportunity to work with other business professionals in the southern Maine area. By working so closely with her peers, it gave credibility to the challenges she faced and was able to brainstorm creative responses to them.

Jodi Flynn, partnering with Lorraine and Ralph Twombly at Priority Learning, shared incredible knowledge in a safe environment to improve her coaching skills. She had so much energy after returning from class and I saw great improvement in how she trained, mentored, and coached her colleagues. One of her coworkers has flourished under the enhanced training and it is fun to watch the entire team coming together. Our results have dramatically improved since she graduated from the Coaching Series. Not only has there been an impact at work, but my colleague also describes similar success as she coaches members of her family through small and large events in their lives.

I highly recommend Priority Learning as "the Learning and Development Department" of your small business. She is now taking another course and I am excited to see her continued growth and progress.


Michelle Raber
State Farm, Scarborough ME

"The Coaching Series was amazing.  Jodi is incredibly talented and shares that information in a fun and engaging way.   She created an extremely open and supportive environment that allowed all of us to explore our coaching styles, test each other's strengths and weaknesses, and learn in a collaborative and 'safe' space.   I would highly recommend this series to anyone who is driven to help others achieve all that they can, it was extremely beneficial to me.  Honestly, I find value in this series that can be applied to both my personal and professional life." 


Sarah Miller

TruChoice Federal Credit Union


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