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Performance Coaching Series


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The Performance Coaching Series consists of six full workshop days held over five months and is de-signed to provide the experience, knowledge, and practical skills for leaders to manage performance change. There will be assignments between sessions.

Sessions 1 & 2: Defining Performance Coaching and Understanding People

  • Use case studies to understand performance coaching.
  • Explore the relationship between performance and discipline.
  • Understand “soldiers” and “scouts” and their roles in coaching.
  • Review coaching as a helping modality.
  • Explore the Three Laws of Performance.
  • Develop the tools of performance: role stones and skills and behaviors.

Sessions 3 & 4: Psychological Safety and Performance Management

  • Explore the three-part Premier Employee Model (PEM).
  • Learn to deliver crystal-clear expectations.
  • Build coaching skills based on personality preferences.
  • Examine psychological safety and its role in performance coaching.
  • Discover the Coaching Process Model.
  • Use the Performance Management Process and deliver Straight Talk.
  • Plan for the future using mind mapping and action planning.

Sessions 5 & 6: Feedback, Empowering Questions and Employee Lifecycle

  • Learn to manage assumptions and mental models when coaching.
  • Discover the Johari Window as a tool for feedback.
  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and its role in performance coaching.
  • Examine triple-loop thinking and develop questions for transformational coaching.
  • Learn the triggers of conflict for effective coaching.
  • Design your plan for performance management.
  • Discover the Employee Lifecycle and how to use it as a coaching tool.
  • Return to the Development Model for performance management.
  • Share your learning through a professional presentation.
Performance Coaching

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